on when God grew skin. email response # 1

Several posts back,  I sent out a request for people to share with me the time when they stopped doubting God..the time when God became more than some all-powerful “wizard of oz” floating on a cloud..the time when God grew skin. Even many christians have questions about who God really is. Is he (or, excuse me..she, as some prefer) just some magical spirit in the sky that we will never touch or is there more to find in Him?  Who knows?..I am not going to sit here and try to explain God..I would be more successful in growing a tail than trying to put Him into words. That is why I want to hear from as many people as I can..that is why I ask you to please share with me the event that caused you never to doubt Him again. I would love to try to understand what it is that God is trying to tell us through the miracles that he blesses us with. I want to let God explain His love for us..I must have his help because attempting to do this myself is impossible. Without His help,  I will never be able to understand who God is.. because, as Anne Graham Lotz says in Just Give me Jesus, He stands in the solitude of himself. He is the God of Gods, The God of the Beginning, The God of Heights..but still, even in his sovereignty He is, Elohay Mikarov – God Who is Near.

The following is an email that someone sent to me in response to my question of.. “when did God become real to you?” I have not altered it, and these are the exact words that were sent to me:

One way that I have seen God work in my life was 23 years ago. He provided for me in an extraordinary way. I found out that I was pregnant; I had no money for maternity clothes. But I was looking through a JC Penny’s Catalog wishing that I could afford the clothes that I needed. I actually filled out an order form with all the clothes that I would need, just for the fun of it.  Two weeks later I received a large box of clothes from my cousin who lives in another state and had no idea of the clothes that I picked out. The clothes were the same as the ones that I had picked out. I didn’t tell anybody of the wish list that I had filled out. There was no way she could have known.  It was God showing me that he would provide for me and my family. He has provided and he will continue to provide for us.

With all the “official business” that God has before him..he still cares enough to supply the, what some might call expendable, needs of a pregnant woman who is asking for clothes. How could he become anymore “touchable” than this. What do you think that God is telling us through this miracle? Through his acts, I think He may want us to know that He is also – the God who places himself into our situation and views even our smallest request as something worth answering.

 And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing..And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith? – Matthew 6:28 & 30

  if you feel led to share your story with me please email me at therefurbishedrogue@gmail.com

what do your harness bells say?

Today I have really struggled with trying to find something to write about. It is usually something simple that will happen in my life that sparks my mind into writing..but lately, my life hasn’t been simple enough. The void sitting before my mind definitely attests to how busy Ive been lately. Today, however..my bible became a bridge that I used to cross that void. I asked the Lord to please help me find something through his word. Go figure..when I opened my bible my eyes fell upon Zechariah chapter 14. At first when I read the title of the chapter, “The Lord will rule the Earth,” I was excited about writing on the topic of Jesus’ second coming. I was amazed at how well things work together when you are in God..the end days, the rapture of the church and the second coming of Jesus are topics that I am incredibly interested in. The Lord leading my eyes to this chapter also strengthened my belief that these prophecies should be very relevant to the generation in which I live. On a side note..I really do believe that we could be seeing Jesus very soon. Now, getting back on topic..as I began to read Zechariah chapter 14, with each verse that I read, my excitement began to dwindle. With utmost faith, I believe the things in Zechariah 14 will one day happen..but still, the challenge of writing about something that is so significant and something that I am not bright enough to confidently share with others made me say, “Really Lord?” I kept on reading though. As I neared the end of the chapter I read verse 20..and I understood it. The relief that I found from being able to understand that one verse made all of the other verses that i hadnt been able to understand seem far less important.

Just like the confusion and doubt that I faced while reading through zechariah, so our christian walk can be at times. This same confusion and doubt are also what can keep many away from becoming a christian. The confusion felt from trying to grasp all of the complexities in the bible gets the best of me often (very often), and I was born into a family steeped in the bible. It’s hard for me to imagine how a person who has never been exposed to christianity might feel when trying to figure it all out. I mean, where do you even begin?.. I doubt my ability to conform into being “good” enough for Jesus all the time, and much of my 27 years here on earth has been spent seeking to find confidence in my faith. The doubt that a person who is looking into this whole “Jesus thing” for the first time or that a new christian must feel has to be monumental.

There is good news though.. Even between the lines of ancient text written by men who lived thousands of years ago the simple answer can be found. Even in the midst of things that you dont understand God’s unfailing love for us and the path to freedom that he has already paved for us is made clear. It has been laid out right before our eyes..and when we see it.. the relief that it brings  will make all the other stuff that we dont understand..all the other stuff that has kept us from seeing Jesus..it will make all that seem far less important.

“on that day even the harness bells of the horses will be inscribed with these words: Set Apart As Holy To The Lord. And the cooking pots in the temple of the Lord will be as sacred as the basins used beside the altar.” – zechariah 14:20 

In the old testament the words, “set apart as holy to the Lord,” were engraved on the plate of gold worn on the head-dress of the high priest. The high priest was appointed by God and was the only person ever allowed to enter into His presence. The high priest, in some ways, represents our feelings of doubt…our feelings that we will never be holy enough to have a relationship with the Lord. The symbolism of the high priest shows an untouchable God who has separated himself from humanity because of their sin..it shows how truly unworthy we are and the sentence that we deserve. In the old testament, the only way to go before God and find forgiveness was to sacrifice an animal. In those days animals were needed to survive, from animals families had food, milk, transportation..life. And it was only by slaughtering something so crucial to survival that you could be worthy enough to be forgiven… animals who were innocent of sin..their blood was the only hope for a man to be saved.  Zechariah was written during this time..it was written before the ultimate sacrifice was sent to earth to atone man from sin and to bridge the gap so that ALL men could enter into the presence of God.

on that day even the harness bells of the horses will be inscribed with these words: Set Apart As Holy To The Lord..

Dont you see? This is the answer that people seek..that I seek. On that day..on the day when Jesus gave his life on the cross for us..even horses are worthy. What was once written for the only soul allowed to go before God was now available to everyone. The blood that Jesus shed on the cross poured to cover EVERYONE..no matter how much sin.. because of His blood shed for us we can go before God empty handed..it’s not what we have to sacrifice before God that brings us forgiveness anymore. Because of Jesus we can be “set apart” by God..or, we can be made holy by God.

..And the cooking pots in the temple of the Lord will be as sacred as the basins used beside the altar.

If doesnt matter how dirty you are..it doesnt matter how ordinary you may think you are..because of Jesus, God looks at all of us as sacred vessels.. vessels that He can fill with happiness.. vessels that he can use to work in the lives of others.  Because of Jesus we are clean..because of Jesus we are worthy.  If you can just understand this then you understand the foundation of christianity.. all the other things will eventually be shown to you or maybe you’ll be like me and live your whole life not understanding everything in the bible. As long as you continue to see what is important .. all the other things that once made you question your faith will become less important. Keep your eyes on Jesus, for it is by knowing him that you may know life.

For God is not of confusion, but of peace.. 1 Corinthians 14:33

out of the darkness comes light. out of hate comes love

..He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. – john 8:44

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. – 2 corinthians 11:14

an entry from my journal dated September 3, 2004:

With the day falling rapidly before my eyes, I sit here wondering.. pondering a couple of things. When the sun rose this morning so much lay ahead. Now, I sit in sadness; is it life that I dread? The sky’s purple haziness is all that’s seen. The beautiful morning light of earlier was a waisted dream. A dream that I spit out..not caring of how I feel now..low. sad. waisted. dark. Id feel so much better if i’d just taken part of all that couldve been given to me today. But I passed it by hissing a curse into the sky. I hate being lonely, so occupied with regret..drowning in sorrow, suffocated by forget. The sky’s purple is now black. Night has come. Like the light, all that couldve is snuffed out as well..on this couch..in this room, ive entered some kind of hell. The flames dont really burn me, they just laugh and singe the only part that’s left of me. I’ll wake up tomorrow just a little more burnt, but maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to reach this roads end..this road i’ve paved for myself..this neverending road of hurt.

The moment in my life when my hand scribbled those words into being was ohh so dark. My mind was like a run down movie theater with a broken reel that only played the same dreary preview over and over. There was no joy in my life. A future of hope and happiness was kept just out of reach –  I could never get past the previews – I could never make it to the movie. My sin had programmed my soul to believe that I was not worthy to ever experience anything of substance..anything that had purpose was just a dream that I truly believed I would never reach. Every time that I would get close to that happiness..the happiness that I so longed for, I would mess up..I would involve myself in something that just dripped with sin, and it would cause me to start over further than where I had begun. Thats how satan uses sin to ruin your life. It’s not going to be some sudden change of heart..it wont be some quick decision you make that will change your course. As it says in the verse above, he can transform into an angel of light..he isnt going to dangle ugly things before your eyes to draw you away from the Lord – he is going to make the things that could destroy your life look beautiful not like something that will send you to the grave.  It’s his mode of destruction to bait you with small sins that don’t seem so bad..these small sins will keep sending you back a little bit more further from the purpose filled life that God created you for until one day you will be so far away from happiness that you will lose hope in ever reaching it..just like I was when I wrote what it written above.  In your silent defiance you will slowly push yourself farther away from believing that you are even worth the change required to reach happiness. The beginning of this descent may seem innocent at first..the bad decisions you make will seem to be no big deal..but, let me tell you, from someone who has fought (and is still fighting) her way back from it..it is indeed a big deal – a life or death crossroad. Once you have completely placed yourself on satan’s path of deception you will not be able to remember the innocence it was at the start. All the little sins that once seemed so harmless will eventually lead  you to a place where you cannot remember how to be good..you will not be able to identify with the person you once were. The idea of having a meaningful life with a divine purpose will have been completely wiped away from your mind and you will hate who you have become. I say all this stuff with such confidence because I have been there. It is only by the grace of God that I was given the chance to redirect my course. Even now, satan tries to fool me into falling back into the pit of despair that I found rescue from only by the blood of Jesus.   If you don’t allow your eyes to be opened then you will one day reach your end just like satan wanted you to. To reject the change that living for Jesus can only give.. you will pave your way into a land of empty dreams and worthlessness. Just like the sad testament of my life that’s written above, you will find yourself chained in a life where you can never see the beauty of daylight.

There is an answer though..his name is Jesus Christ. He will take the wasteland that your life has become and turn it into a fruitful orchard. He will sweep you from the destructive path that your sin has placed you on.. He will lovingly guide you to the path which leads to beautiful things. He will turn the hate that you have in your heart into a love that you cannot explain. He will take you out of darkness and show you the light of dawn. If you surrender your life to Him you will begin to love your life.. you will begin to love yourself, for he will show you all of these things. Finding Jesus is not difficult..

 And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. – matthew 7:8

even if you have no clue who He is or how He would make a difference in your life..if you are desperate to find an answer and everything that you have tried on your own has failed you..i urge you to give Him a chance. If you ask with a true heart he will show you who He is. In Him is life ..happiness ..hope ..redemption ..forgiveness ..love.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. – romans 10:13

As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. – psalm 103:12

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new – 2 Corinthians 5:17

a call for christians to please help me

I hope that many of you will help me out. I would like to do a post on why I serve God..a post about why I know beyond any doubt that He is real..a post that can only try to express the never-ending love that He has for us. I am asking that you please help me write it.

Throughout my life, so many things have happened that I just can’t explain..things that have made God real to me..events that i have heard His voice speaking to me through. Will you please share with me your story of when God became more than just a word to you..when God grew skin.

It can be a miracle that has happened in your life..an unexpected blessing..or just anything that has taken place during your life that has shown you that God is real..whatever it may be..i pray that you will please share it with me. With God as my witness, I promise not to disclose anything personal about you in my blog or to anyone else. I am just so incredibly hungry to hear why it is that others have come to the same conclusion that I have. If possible, please share this with your christian friends so that I may hear from many. I am not one hundred percent on what I’m going to do with all this, but I know that God will direct me to hopefully compose something that will make a difference in His kingdom.  Thankyou very much in advance..

please send your story to therefurbishedrogue@gmail.com

my thoughts on why God doesnt like fluoride

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. – proverbs 18: 15

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.. – Hosea 4:6

this weekend was wonderful. my parents, my brother and his family, and my family went to myrtle beach for a family vacation. now, i am not going to say that it was all peaches and splendidly creamy..WOW, the beach becomes a whole new playing field when children are involved. All the diapers, sunscreen, bottles and baby whatnot that has to be dragged around makes that sun and sand a bit more annoying. needless to say, we still had a great time and I really enjoyed getting to take a break. Spending time with my family is something that, in the past, I have loathed..but now, it is something that I treasure.

In past K (i wont say my whole last name..im not trying to get killed by some internet crazy person) family vacations things have sometimes been a struggle..to say the least. The last big vacation that we took.. my brother and I ended up having a full blown fight at a rest stop. We were almost home..and that last bathroom stop proved to be our breaking point. My dad had to pull the van over to the side of the rest stop exit ramp so me and Lee could duke it out. The scene of me and Lee rolling around on the ground is something that brings my family great laughter now..but still, the same scenario could very much so happen again. that same spirit of who gets the remote..or who gets to sit in the good chair can still come out when there are siblings involved no matter how old you are.

everything went smoothly as possible during our vacation..until today at lunch. We all met for lunch right before parting ways to go home. For a brief moment my brother and I almost got into it. Thankfully, we worked it out and a disaster was avoided. Throughout the whole vacation, everywhere that we went..my actions of avoiding water with fluoride was obvious and unavoidable. Fluoride is not good for us. I will flat out say it..I really dont care what people think of me because I know that if they did their own research they would most likely come to the same conclusion. Now you may have different opinions on it..but., most likely, you probably dont have an opinion on it at all.  I mean who thinks about fluoride? who cares? ummm..this girl does. im not really sure why my brother and I butted heads about it today..but,I guess that my opinionated ways just got a little annoying to him. (i am not surprised by this because I am pretty obnoxious) I dont even remember how it started..but, I got upset because members of my family were saying things that belittled my opposition to fluoride.. things that I took as trying to make me feel stupid for going the extra mile to drink water that was fluoride free. What upset me was really not the fact that they did not agree..what upset me was the fact that they so easily brushed off  about something that I feel so strongly about..something that I want them to know as well, for the benefit of their health. The fact that so many people do not care about something as obviously negative and medically wrong as the forced medication that our government pushes upon us through putting fluoride (a drug) into our water is something that drives me insane..and my family not supporting my feelings is just hard for me to swallow.  Family is supposed to be a support system..and it just upset me that I could not even be taken seriously by the only people in this entire world who i have to really fall back on. Now, dont get me wrong..my family loves me, that is something that I do not question. I just wish that they would believe me enough to take my viewpoint into consideration instead of joking about it at my expense. One thing my brother ( who i really do love dearly 🙂 said to me today was, “have you come to this conclusion by doing more research than watching one video.” I can understand were he is coming from because fluoride being in our water is something that most of us do not question. I mean, it is in our water because the powers that be put it there. Well tonight.. as I searched around trying to figure out how I could make my viewpoint a little more relevent I found exactly what I was looking for. I have sent my family emails containing my findings and I hope that what I sent will be enough to cause concern so that they will do some serious research on their own.  Hopefully it will make sense to you as well.

His divine power has given us everything we need for life.. – 2 peter 1:3

All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.  In him was life; and the life was the light of men. – john 1: 3-4

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus – Philippians 4:19

How wonderful is breast milk? Breastmilk is a miracle substance that even modern science cannot copy. God created breast milk..that is why science cannot duplicate it. Science cannot touch God. Do you know that human breastmilk contains a very small amount of fluoride? The fact that the body of a nursing mother filters fluoride from reaching her milk speaks volumes to me..I would hope it would to any christian who understands that all good things come from God. God isn’t going to hurt us. As a study published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (click here for the article) says..

“The mean concentration of fluoride in breast milk obtained from 32 women consuming drinking water that contained < 0.16 ppm was 0.004 ppm, whereas breast milk obtained from 112 women consuming drinking water containing 1 ppm reportedly was 0.009 ppm.8 Similar levels of fluoride concentrations of breast milk and colostrum (0.008 ppm) have been reported by Spak et al.1 However, Spak et al1 found no significant difference in breast milk fluoride concentrations of mothers living in areas with low and high drinking-water fluoride concentrations.”

so what does that show us? No matter how much fluoride that a nursing mother may consume.. her body will filter it and keep it away from her breastmilk. Some may say that fluoride naturally occurs in nature so it is from God..however, the chemicals in our water are not the element that naturally occurs in nature..as the Salt Lake Tribune shares in the following..what is in our water is by no means natural..

“Even the Davis County residents who voted for water fluoridation two years ago should be happy that opponents are close to forcing the issue back onto the ballot this fall. The additive most people assumed they would be getting — the pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride found in toothpaste, pills and dental treatments — is not the stuff flowing from taps today in the county’s southern end. Instead, the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District took a more economical path and bought fluorosilicic acid. Those who had visions of sterile white laboratories when they voted for fluoride weren’t thinking of fluorosilicic acid. Improbable as this sounds, much of it is recovered from the scrubbing solution that scours toxins from smokestacks at phosphate fertilizer plants. Water fluoridation has turned a tremendous hazardous waste disposal expense into a multimillion-dollar profit for fertilizer manufacturers”

if that isnt enough..will you please allow me to go on and share more about the dangers it may cause. this is from an article I found on PRNewswire. The second link at the bottom of the this entry will take you to the article if you would like to read the entire thing.

The research team reports, “It is important to be aware of this serious problem and avoid the use of toothpaste and items that contain fluoride, particularly in children as they are more susceptible to the toxic effects of fluoride.” (1)

“Fluoride can be toxic by ingesting one part per million (ppm), and the effects are not immediate, as they can take 20 years or more to become evident,” they write.

Most fluoridating U.S. public drinking water suppliers add fluoride chemicals to deliver 1 ppm fluoride (equal to about 1 milligram per quart) intending to benefit teeth and not to purify the water.

“Fluoridation clearly jeopardizes our children and must be stopped,” says attorney Paul Beeber, President, NYSCOF.  “We can actually see how fluoride has damaged children’s teeth with dental fluorosis; but we can’t see the harm it’s doing to their brains and other organs. No U.S. researcher is even looking,” says Beeber.

Valdez-Jimenez, et al. describe studies that show fluoride induces changes in the brain’s physical structure and biochemistry which affects the neurological  and mental development of individuals including cognitive processes, such as learning and memory.

“Fluoride is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which may cause biochemical and functional changes in the nervous system during pregnancy, since the fluoride accumulates in brain tissue before birth,” they write.*

Animal studies show fluoride’s toxic brain effects include classic brain abnormalities found in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Valdez-Jimenez’s team reports.

A different research team (Tang et al.) reported in 2008 that “A qualitative review of the studies found a consistent and strong association between the exposure to fluoride and low IQ.” (Biological Trace Element Research)  (2)

In 2006, the U.S. National Research Council’s (NRC) expert fluoride panel reviewed fluoride toxicology and concluded, “It’s apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.” And, “Fluorides also increase the production of free radicals in the brain through several different biological pathways. These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.” (3)

On April 12, 2010, Time magazine listed fluoride as one of the “Top Ten Common Household Toxins” and described fluoride as both “neurotoxic and potentially tumorigenic if swallowed.” (4)

Phyllis Mullenix, Ph.D., was the first U.S. scientist to find evidence that fluoride damages the brain. She published her animal study in a respected peer-reviewed scientific journal in 1995 (5) and then was fired for doing so.(6)

Vyvyan Howard, M.D., Ph.D., a prominent fetal toxicologist and past-President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, said that current brain/fluoride research convinces him that we should stop water fluoridation.

Many communities have stopped or rejected fluoridation in the past several years  – the most recent is Fairbanks, Alaska.  This year, seven New York City Council Members co-sponsored legislation to stop fluoridation in NYC.

ok..so are you starting to see anything wrong with this picture..or at least seeing this as something to feel some concern about? All that said, the only point that I wanted to make here..was that God created our bodies to remove fluoride from what we feed our children. Does that say anything to you? I am so passionate about all this because I truly believe that this stuff is hurting our bodies..our God given temples. The list goes on and on about why this stuff is not good for us but I will just end this with some links and you can do some research on your own if you feel the need to do so.

He draws up the drops of water, which distill as rain to the streams; the clouds pour down their moisture and abundant showers fall on mankind. -Job 36: 27-28

http://www.fluoridealert.org/50-reasons.htm (50 reasons to oppose fluoride)


http://fluoridation.com/censor.htm (info on the fluoride cover up)

http://www.fluoridation.com/calgaryh.htm (risks and benefits)

http://www.nofluoride.com/ (what doctors are saying about fluoride)


on scott the paleontologist and his one sided ways

It seems like our TV is always on some kind of cartoon. Even if no one is watching it, during the day there is always something going on about one kid thing or another. Today after I finally got Rory to lay down..I came into the living room for a little “briana” time. I finally found the remote and sat down to fold some laundry. Dinosaur Train was on and before I turned the channel I got to hear a little bit from Scott the paleontologist. What I heard really made me mad. He was going on about some dinosaur or another that lived 65 million years ago. Not once did he say that this was an estimate based on a principle that cannot be proven.  Whoever said that it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in a creator, to me , was completely right and they also must have been aware of just how unscientific evolution is. (that’s right. I said unscientific.. for the sake of time,  click here or here if you would like to  see for yourself ) Now, Im not going to sit here and argue at how scientific creation is  (even though there are tons of factors in our universe that point towards it) because it is not my place to do so..the complexities of life and of DNA are mindblowing. The following was written by Walt Brown Ph. D and he sums it up far better than I could ever try to do..

DNA cannot function without hundreds of preexisting proteins,a but proteins are produced only at the direction of DNA.b Because each needs the other, a satisfactory explanation for the origin of one must also explain the origin of the other.c Therefore, the components of these manufacturing systems must have come into existence simultaneously.  This implies creation.

Some of these necessary proteins decode the DNA, store DNA (histones spools), transcribe DNA into messenger RNA, and assemble proteins (ribosomes). These systems, present in each cell, are extremely complex.

One of the most studied proteins in mammals, including humans, is called p53. It binds to thousands of DNA sites and influences cell growth, death, and structure. It is involved in fertility and early embryonic development. It also stifles cancers by repairing DNA, suppressing tumors, and killing genetically damaged cells.d How could DNA have survived unless p53 and its many functions already existed?

In each human, tens of thousands of genes are damaged daily!e Also, when a cell divides, its DNA at times is copied with errors. Every organism has machinery that identifies and repairs damaged and mistranslated DNA.f Without such repair systems, the organism would quickly deteriorate and die. If evolution happened, each organism would have become extinct before these DNA repair mechanisms could evolve.

Life’s complexity is mind boggling—not something that random processes could ever produce.

How science claims to understand it all is a mystery to me. Are there not some things that humanity cannot just accept are too intricate for our minds to comprehend? Why are so many people convinced that the only god which exists are themselves? It’s not that Scott the paleontologist  was talking about evolution that upset me. It is the simple fact of how one sided our society is that upsets me. Scott the paleontologist gets to sit there and tell my children that what he is saying is the truth, even though it has not been proven..even though not ONE single-celled fossil has EVER been found yet he gets to tell my children that is what they come from. What upsets me is that teachers and all the “scotts” in this world get to tell my children that something as statistically insane as evolution is fact but when someone is bold enough to say that they believe in creation they are looked at like a fool. To keep your children away from being indoctrinated with the atheistic agenda that runs this world, you either have to pay big bucks for private school or homeschool because most of the public schools that our taxes pay for do not give any other viewpoints..and that is wrong. An article written by Robert L. Simonds, Th.D. addresses this issue, he says:

Today, many in public education are attempting to use the government to censor scientific evidence that refutes evolution and advances the concept of special creation. It is widely believed that scientific creationism cannot be taught in a public school science classroom. This is not true.

The U.S. Supreme Court developed a three-prong test in Lemon v. Kurtzas to when government involvement in religious activity does not violate the establishment clause: (1) The activity must have a secular purpose; (2) its primary effect must be neither to advance nor inhibit religion; (3) it must not constitute excessive entanglement of government with religion.


One would think that rational men of science would want to test, evaluate, and discuss any reasonable scientific theory on any given subject, to ascertain probable, testable data to move the theory to the level of a scientific law.

However, the established scientific community has built an entire system around a straw house. The irrationality of this position has created a scientific “house divided,” as Dr. Henry Morris has thoroughly documented.1

Not only does the theory of evolution not conform to the criteria for science, it is also the foundation of many religions, and it totally fails the Supreme Court test of government non-involvement in religion.

This is nothing less than a spiritual battle for the minds of all America’s children. Evolution, consistently applied, denies God’s existence and His creative acts. It is the central theme of all humanist theory. Without evolution, the entire atheist religion of humanism would fall.

you may think that teaching this would go against the seperation of church and state..however, he goes on to say:


Dr. John Moore, Professor of Natural Science at Michigan State University for over 30 years, pointed out that in creation science:

No new laws are necessary, there is no possible violation of so-called separation of church and state, since no religious teaching is involved.2 But would the United States Supreme Court buy that? Yes. In Edwards vs. Aguiliard, 482 U.S. 96 (1987), they said:

… teaching a variety of scientific theories about the origins of mankind to school children might be done with the clear secular intent of enhancing the effectiveness of science instruction.

That ruling also sustained the finding of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, as follows:

No court of which we are aware had prohibited voluntary instruction concerning purely scientific evidence that happens, incidentally, to be consistent with a religious doctrine or tenet.

Therefore, the teaching of creation science is solidly supported by law—as long as the court’s rules are followed.


The main argument of the ACLU in the Scopes Trial in 1925 was that “it is bigotry for public schools to teach only one theory of origins (creation).” The argument was against “censorship” of evolution. Now the tables have turned.

A liberal educaton, by definition, requires all sides of every issue to be aired. Truth from any source should not be feared. That is another academic reason to teach “creation science.” Academic freedom permits a teacher to present whatever views he or she deems necessary to clarify a subject.

Censoring out creation science in favor of a religious view of evolution would violate academia’s rules against censorship. Not to allow another valid theorv would also violate the academic idea of a liberal education, and to suppress a teacher’s right to freedom in learning would violate the concept of academic freedom.

My original intention when I began this post was to discuss something completely different; I will just have to write about what I had originally intended to discuss on a different post. When I look at all the double standards in this society and the injustice towards christianity it makes me so upset but it really should make me rejoice. The bottom line is that we are living in the last days..all of this humanism and the widespread denial of God that is is so rampant today..these things were written about as signs of the end days in that book that so many say is just useless junk. Just google bible prophecy or signs of the times..good Lord!.. even an idiot would have the mental capacity to recognize that the events occurring in the world around us are not coincidental.. they were written thousands of years ago. For the first time in history almost everything is lined up..the stage is set. How people living today can really say that there is no God and that the Bible is not a book inspired by him is something that gives even more meaning to the verse that I will close with. If anyone that is reading this scoffs at the idea of God.. I really do challenge you to research how closely the current times in which we live coincide with the Bible. Maybe the facts about our DNA are not enough to cause you to see the hand of the divine creator who lovingly composed your life, but hopefully..possibly.. looking into this will.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made,so that people are without excuse.For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles..  They exchanged the truth about God for a lie,and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised.Amen. Romans 1:2o-25

my experience of being choked by a demon

bA quick (well, not so quick..it’s actually pretty long) forward:

I wish so badly that there were a way for me to make you believe that what I am about to share with you really did happen to me.. a way that I could prove it. If I ever have the chance to take a polygraph test, if this really happened to me would probably be the first question that I would want to be asked. I guess the only thing that I can say to try to make you believe that what you will soon read really happened to me is that.. if I am lying may my soul be eternally damned to hell. I dont know if you have read any of my other posts or if you know me personally.. but, if you are, in any way, aware of my true character (whether you agree with me or not) then hopefully you know that I do not question the reality of hell and that I do not tread lightly on the subject of my salvation. So.. hopefully the action of me making that declaration will, in some way, help to validate my case.

I’m not really sure why I feel the need to write about this today. What I am going to write about is something that I am actually quite embarrassed by.. something that many people will probably not believe or something that will cause many people to think that I am  a nut case. Needless to say, I do not care what people may think of me. The only opinion that I care about is the opinion of Jesus Christ. How he thinks of me is actually a never-ending concern for me.. but, as many of you know, there was a time in my life when I didn’t care at all about him or what he thought about me. At the point in my life when all this took place, I actually did not think that Jesus even cared enough to think of me. I was sure that the battle for my soul had already been decided..that my relentless sin had caused the Lord to wave the white flag of surrender over my head. In spite of how I felt, in one intense experience, the Lord reminded me that there was still indeed, a battle going on for my soul..he gave me a sneak preview that night of how ugly the outcome would be if I refused to let him win.

I have been drawn to this kind of stuff since early childhood. In spite of growing up as the daughter of a minister and in a home that had been consecrated to the Lord, I have always been somehow aware to the presence of darkness; even before I understood what is was, I was still affected by it. I knew there was a force more powerful than just my simple fears that kept me up at night. I still do not understand what it is that goes on in the spirit realm..none of us do. Be that as it may, if you are ever given a glimpse into that world..into the parallel universe that hangs above our souls – you will never forget it.

The time when all of this happened, I was working 2nd shift at the front desk of a pretty dead hotel. Usually, besides the occasional guest, the only other person there was the one housekeeper named Rosa and we had a hard time communicating most of the time. As you could imagine, I had hours to just sit there and surf the internet..I used to sleep a lot too. I became the ‘knower’ of all things..zooming around the web like a maniac. I had the whole world figured out by the time my shift was finally over each night. One of the things that I particularly binged on for a while was EVP..or electronic voice phenomena. I became obsessed with it. I would search the internet for my whole shift and look at nothing but paranormal websites. For any of  you who may not know, EVP is when a person uses a recording device to capture the voices of the “dead.” There are many well documented reports showing these EVP recordings being captured and many of them are beyond creepy. After hours of researching and listening to them it’s like they got into my head, they would cause my hair to stand on end. The day when I printed an entire book offline on how to conduct your own EVP recordings was the day that I realized that the things I’d been filling my mind with had opened a door..an ugly door.

That night, after reading a few chapters in my new book, I fell asleep in my recliner. I was not sure of how much time had passed, but I knew I’d been asleep for a while because the movie we had been watching was over and the tv was now all scrambled black and white and making a loud static noise (remember VHS?) When I woke up I was sure of one thing though..I was being choked. I could feel the hands wrapped around my neck..i could literally FEEL them tightly wrapped around my skin. What impacted me most that night.. the thing that I will NEVER be able to forget, was the most evil sound that I heard coming from behind me. It was a growl so black that no word in the English language could be used to describe it. I heard audible evil. My ears heard the sound of hell. I sat there gasping for air..completely paralized.. I was unable to speak. With nothing else to do,  in my mind, I started to say the name of Jesus over and over..the more I thought it..the more the hands loosened  from around my neck. It was barely a whisper, but finally I was able to speak the name of Jesus, and when I did..at the very moment that his name left my lips..everything stopped. I had wanted to record some EVPs of my own, well.. that night the Lord gave me the opportunity to do so. Some of you may think that I could have been dreaming..I was not. My first husband was laying on the couch beside me and woke up to witness and to hear the entire thing.

I know..I know..you may think I sound like a fool. I am not a fool. There is, without a doubt, a dimension that our eyes cannot see. This is not just some crackpot idea that those “crazy christians” have.. the existence of a spiritual realm is an idea shared between people of all creeds and religious conviction. Just turn on your television, being fascinated with the paranormal has become really mainstream these days. Almost everywhere that you look you will see something about hunting ghosts or haunted places..you can even go on ghost tours. May I please humbly say that we need to guard our minds a bit more from these type of things. They are not as innocent as they seem. There is an evil force behind it all and exposing yourself to it just may open a door in your mind that you do not want to be opened. There is a battle going on for our souls at this very moment..I cannot say how thankful I am to have a savior who will continue to fight for my soul..for all of our souls until the very end.

on proverbs 4 and rockin’ the right path

Do not set foot on the path of the wicked  or walk in the way of evildoers.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way. For they cannot rest until they do evil; they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble.- Proverbs 4 : 14-16

Do any of you remember D.A.R.E.? I sure do..i thought it was just awesome..getting to skip out on lessons and getting cool tshirts and such. As a fifth grader, I adored the cops who would come and speak to my class..now, 16 years later.. i wonder how many of them have given me speeding tickets? But, anyways..as my mind travels down the halls of my old elementary school I see cartoon yellow jackets decorating the walls..the smell of those square pizzas drifts from the cafeteria..scribbled in hot pink marker, I have the words “Lacy and Briana BFF” written on my hand..  I look down to admire the pair of purple jeans and keds that I am wearing but I’m distracted away from my super cool “look”  by the sound of kids screaming, “just say no”, that is echoing down the hallway from an unknown classroom. How many of us passionately yelled “just say no” and meant every bit of it..in 5th grade, at least as far as I know..i dont remember too many of us drugging it up in the bathroom. To be drug and alcohol free was the cool way to be in 5th grade. Now…lets fast-forward time a couple of years to high school. Speaking from personal experience..things are the complete opposite from the happy days of recess and lunchboxes. To me, highschool was peer pressure, acting like a complete idiot, and wearing too much black eyeliner. Unfortunately, adult life isnt that different. I mean, things change..you have to grow up and accept that you’re not 16 anymore..but, just because the rhythm of life is a little different you still have to deal with many of the same struggles..only now, the bad decisions we make cause far worse complications.

Its not skipping school anymore because you drank too much last night..now, it’s not being able to provide for yourself or for your family because you lost your job for calling out too much. It’s not just a trip to the Principal’s office anymore..now, when you break the rules it’s a speeding ticket, jail, or even penalties from unpaid taxes. Just because the outcome of our mistakes may now be more detrimental doesn’t mean that there still will not be people in our lives who are constantly trying to pull us down..people looking for company to join them in their destructive habits. Like it says above..do not step foot in their path. If you are trying to quit drinking..then dont go to the bar with your friends. If you are trying to overcome an addiction to shopping..dont call up your shopping buddy for a free for all at the mall.

Sometimes in life it is critical that we step out onto a new path..onto our own path. Im not saying you should start hating all the people in your life who encourage you to make bad decisions..I’m just saying maybe you should evaluate the people who you allow to influence your life..your future. If the bad out weighs the good then maybe it is time to cut some ties. Maybe it is time to put the things that you really desire for yourself and for your family first. Putting your future and your family’s future first is not gonna be some rockin’ party..however, living a life where you hold yourself accountable for every action that you make will pay off..one day, when all the people that you left behind so many years ago are paying the price for their foolishness..the path you chose will have led you to a far better outcome..and to me and hopefully to you as well, that is what matters most.

on proverbs 3 and sacrificial lattes

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them. – Proverbs 3:27

Before you read any more i want you to do something for me..please stop and just look around at the place in which you are sitting. What do you see? I’ll tell you what I see.. When I look around my tiny living room I see my dog  lazily sprawled out on my hand-me-down couch.. my 12 dollar lamp from Ikea sitting on the end table that I rescued from the side of the road a few years back..I see my sweet son playing in his exersaucer that I bought off craigslist..behind him I see the curtains that I found at Goodwill slightly dancing because of the air vent below them.. I see our tv; i wont even begin to describe all the random toys, pictures and knick knacks laying around.. but that just about sums up what I see. Above it all, one thing drastically stands out when I survey my surroundings..I see blessing. I see extreme wealth.

How I can be so thankful for the shabby contents that fill my humble living room may have you puzzled right now. I hope not..but some of you may even feel sorry for my children..sorry that they have to be raised in such circumstances. Please dont feel this way..hopefully by the end of this post you will feel differently.

  Standing there with the hot sun beating down upon his head, almost as if they were trying to find some relief in the sweat that poured from his brow, the flies relentlessly buzzed around him. The things his senses processed that day would paint a memory onto his mind that would never be erased.  As he stood there, on the primitive tarmac waiting to board his plane, the overwhelming odor of jet fuel lingered in the stagnant air that surrounded him. Just as he was about to board his plane he felt a hand tugging on his shirt..turing around, his eyes fell upon a woman closely clutching her baby to her breast. “please sir, please sir take my baby with you,” she pleaded as she extended the crying baby towards him. In the eyes that bulged from the infant’s sunken face and in the pleading eyes of the child’s mother the man saw the same thing – hopelessness. Looking out the tiny window, as he sat in that plane, the sight of that mother weeping for the baby that she could not feed..weeping for the baby that she could not keep alive flooded his soul with a pain that, even now, he cannot forget.

The man in that story is my father. Some years ago, he went to Haiti on a missions trip and this is what happened when he was at the airport waiting to fly back home. Can you imagine a future so grim..so hopeless? Can you imagine looking into the eyes of your crying son or daughter and seeing no tears because they are so dehydrated from the diarrhea and vomiting caused by the tainted water that is all you have to give them? Can you imagine a world that gives such a small hope of survival..a world so barren that the loving mothers living within it would beg for their children to be taken from them..just so their children could be swept far away from the cold poverty into which they were born? This is a way of living that even the poorest American cannot imagine. In Haiti people are so starving that they eat patties made from mud, oil and sugar. My children might have a lot of tuna casserole and PB&J’s in their future..but i am so lucky..so blessed to say that they will never have to eat mud just so their tummies will quiet down. In America we have food stamps and wic to lean on in times of trouble..however, think of the billions of people all over this planet who have nothing. Approximately 25,000 people die of hunger every DAY, about 9 million people per year.

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that’s the essence of inhumanity. – George Bernard Shaw

How much good could we do? The answer to that is endless. What if you gave up buying a new pair of sunglasses..a drink at the bar..or gave up Starbucks once a week, and instead gave that money to a good charity. Do you know how much good your simple sacrifice could do..how many deserving children and adults could have food one more day because of the few dollars you spared.  Or, if you are like me and do not have the extra money lying around for sunglasses and lattes..im almost positive that you still have an extra can of food in your pantry that you could spare..ALL of us has a voice that can spread this message. If we all made it a point to not withhold good from those who deserve it..if we refused to ignore the plight of our fellow man..i cannot correctly sum up the overflow of joy and happiness that would fill our lives. Our world could be a different place..a place were innocent children did not silently waste away from hunger..a place where good people did not die from simple diseases, diseases that the pharmacy shelves in America are piled high with the medicine needed to cure them..a world where people had hope. Life.

if you want to start today..here are some links to several charities, all of which have the highest ratings given for financial accountability and moral practice. I am not affiliated with any of them and neither is my church..these are just a few of the ones I found while searching online. If you would like to search for yourself, http://www.charitynavigator.org/ is a great site that you can search and compare different organizations.





on proverbs chapter two and how to avoid staring into the barrel of lifes ugly gun

Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Search for them as you would for lost money or hidden treasure…then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, and you will know how to find the right course of action every time. For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy. Wise planning will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe. – proverbs 2 : 2-4 & 9-11

How fast would your heart start beating if you witnessed a toddler holding a gun..just imagine seeing a little two year old boy or girl standing there curiously staring into the barrel of a gun. What would you do? Oh my goodness, just the thought of it makes my stomach hurt. I pray that in a furious attempt to save a life, you would leap towards the child and snatch the gun away from them. If any of you reading this have children then you know what would come next..the child would probably burst into tears because their toy had just been taken. In those few moments after, can you imagine how you would feel? You know when you are truly startled how you can feel the blood running through your veins..I would imagine you would feel something like that. In a matter of seconds every tragic scenario would play through your mind..you would see the child on the floor surrounded by blood, you would see that precious little child in a coffin..you would probably even be able to hear the sound of yourself or the child’s mother weeping. It would be a life changing event. As all this was going on within your mind you more than likely would not even hear the child fussing because their shiny toy had just been mercilessly snatched from them. Can we imagine such ignorant foolishness? Of course we can..we were once that way..for a child lacks understanding.

How many areas of your life are like a loaded gun? Really search your current situation and think about it. For some of you it may be something that you cannot change overnight..but really tune your ears to wisdom, concentrate on understanding what it is that you can do to make right what may be putting your life in harms way..as it says above, search for it like you would for lost money or hidden treasure. Lost money or hidden treasure..how fast would you jump to it if there was money to be found? With how cut-throat this world is..it would be pretty fast, I’m sure. How much more precious is your future? How much more precious is your life? Or for others, your “loaded gun” could be something that could be changed in an instant..with one firm and thoughtful decision.

What ever your case may be, the verse that says, wise planning will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe..this verse could not hold anymore truth. How much joy could your life hold if every decision you made was a decision that had been wisely planned..one that you completely understood the consequences of. Don’t stumble through life in the dark..like an innocent child looking into the barrel of a loaded gun..you are here for more than that. You are here for a reason. You may not yet know what that reason is..but I promise..if you truly turn your heart to seek what is wise..what is just..and what is fair..one day it will all make sense to you. Like a prisoner set free your life will be..