“That doll is the wrong color, little girl”

this will be a short post..and it is not a part of my proverbs thing. I have a bridal shower at 1 today..and I am running around here like a mad woman trying to get everything ready..however, what just happened enraged me by such great measure..I just had to write about it real quick.


Today Trinitee, Rory and I loaded up and headed to the Dollar Store for a last minute card and giftbag. I had a little extra money so I let Trinitee pick out a Barbie; she picked out a beautiful ballerina Barbie doll and was so overjoyed by it. As we were checking out the man behind me in line said something that made my blood boil..i almost beat up an old man today. Thankyou Lord for giving me self control and wisdom today that stopped me from doing so. “That doll is the wrong color, little girl”…WHAT! I was furious. There was a black man and his young son right behind him in line too. This man just so happened to have on a christian t-shirt, thankfully..because it was his t-shirt that allowed me to think quickly without punching him. “How dare you say something like that to my little girl”, i said. “Are you a christian?..i see you have on a christian t-shirt” i asked him. Of course he said he was indeed a christian..”how can you call your self a christian and break one of the most important commandments that Jesus Christ himself gave us..are you not aware that Jesus told us first to love him with all of our hearts and second to love our neighbor?” I went on to say..”what if the man standing behind you moved his family into the house beside yours..would you continue to not love him just because he is darker than you..how dare you tarnish my Lord’s name by wearing that t-shirt and saying things that are evil and go against what he teaches..If you are really a christian I demand you to apologize to my little girl and tell her that you were wrong.” The old man looked shocked..the cashier stood there speechless..the gentleman and his son just looked at the old man waiting for his response. The old man stuttered a minute and finally said, “Im sorry little girl, your doll is fine.”

I walked out of that store today on fire..christians of all colors need to remember that racism is a SIN. I have grown up hearing my mother tell stories of my great grandfather and how racist he was..i remember as a small child hearing him at thanksgiving calling people on tv very bad things just because of their skin color. My great grandfather went to church..he was what many would call a prayer warrior..a pillar of his church. i hate to say this..this breaks my heart to say this..but unless my great grandfather repented before he died..unless he allowed the Lord to change his heart..unless he did these things, he did not make it to heaven. You cannot stroll into heaven with hatred engulfing your heart. You cannot stand before Jesus if you have broken the very important commandment he gave to us. Just because you are from the south..or  because thats just how things are in your family..nothing you can try to say to make racism ok justifies it in the eyes of God.  Any christians reading this who harbor racism in their heart..please know that unless you change your ways and repent.. it is very unlikely that you will make it to heaven. Hating a person and spreading your hate IS A SIN.

my stepdaughter, Trinitee and her sister

5 thoughts on ““That doll is the wrong color, little girl”

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  2. Ok, so I decided to go ahead and make myself go ahead and write my response.
    I have had a very similar experience with my grandmother as you have had with your grandfather. Growing up I was not raised in the same state as my grandmother but what I knew about her and would see when visiting was that she spent countless hours on her knees praying and reading her Bible. She would go to church services, revivals and even watch preachers on tv. I looked up to her in so many ways.
    When I was 21 (I’m now 31) I met and fell in love with a guy named Patrick. He was black. (oh and to comment on “what to call them”..my friends call themselves black and when asked that’s what they want to be called)
    My family is originally from up north. Northern people aren’t racial, it’s just the southerners, right?! Wrong. I can honestly say my parents both were so support of my relationship and my decision to be in that relationship. Was it their first choice for their daughter, absolutely not, can I respect that, absolutely. Relationships are hard enough, when you date interracially you add another degree of difficulty onto it whether you like it or not. Being the stubborn girl that I am, I was up for the challenge. I have to say day to day life really wasn’t difficult. When we’d go out we’d occasionally get people looking at us but nothing confrontational. I never felt that his extended family was all that thrilled he brought “the white girl” to Christmas dinner, but it was just one evening to endure. My mom’s side of the family openly said “Heather, if it’s what makes you happy, it makes us happy”. I think my grandfather wasn’t so “happy” but he never said anything. My Dad’s side of the family…well…I was with Patrick for 8 years and in that 8 years I had one cousin acknowledge my relationship with Patrick and ask me how he was. To this day that one question brings me to tears thinking she cared enough about me to ask. For 8 years my Dad’s family openly objected our relationship and then decided to ignore it.
    Because we lived far away it was normal for my mom to get extra pictures developed and mail them to my grandmother so that she could see the birthday cakes, holidays, school pictures, etc. This particular set of pictures had Patrick, myself and his 2 year old daughter in them. The grandmother I grew up admiring for her “Godly” lifestyle picked out those pictures, returned them and wrote a note saying she never wanted to see them in pictures again.
    I was mad. no angry. no livid. actually I was all of those but mostly crushed.
    I felt like I had be blindfolded my entire childhood in thinking this woman was “Godly” and yet she clearly was demonstrating hate. To clarify, when asked it was specifically because Patrick was black. I remember her agreeing she’d rather me be with a white boy who treated me badly than with a black man who treated me well.
    At that point I wanted nothing else to do with her. Probably a childish response but the fact that she didn’t want what God wanted for me, even if that came in form of a black man, really irritated me. Several years passed and God worked in and on my heart. He showed me that I had to forgive my grandmother. I had to do what I wanted her to do for me and that is to love unconditionally. I also learned that you can read your Bible and spend all day praying but unless you apply what you read and pray, your heart can still be hard!!! I’m not bold enough to say that my grandmother is going to hell. I honestly don’t know my grandmother’s heart. I don’t know her life experiences that brought her to the place she is in. I am not her judge. I do however mourn for her. I feel sad that she’s probably missed out on a lot of great friends in her lifetime because she couldn’t look past their skin color. I mourn that she didn’t met Patrick. To this day he is an AMAZING guy. I may not feel he is my future husband but I have a lifelong friend in him. Not only him but I have countless friends of different races that mean the world to me.
    So, Briana, I get that pain. I get what it’s like to encounter people who call themselves Christians and clearly do not Love as Jesus commanded us to do. My response is to stand up for what you believe and to pray for God to work in their hearts as well as your own. Compassion is priceless. God didn’t change my circumstance, he just changed my perspective.

    • That is a story so many can tell..and it does make me sad. Thankyou for sharing it all…i was a little bold to speak of hell so lightly..but it is truly how I feel. Indeed, God is the only judge though. Prayer is definitly the answer..i pray that God opens your grandma’s eyes and eveyones eyes to what He wants.

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