on proverbs 4 and rockin’ the right path

Do not set foot on the path of the wicked  or walk in the way of evildoers.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way. For they cannot rest until they do evil; they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble.- Proverbs 4 : 14-16

Do any of you remember D.A.R.E.? I sure do..i thought it was just awesome..getting to skip out on lessons and getting cool tshirts and such. As a fifth grader, I adored the cops who would come and speak to my class..now, 16 years later.. i wonder how many of them have given me speeding tickets? But, anyways..as my mind travels down the halls of my old elementary school I see cartoon yellow jackets decorating the walls..the smell of those square pizzas drifts from the cafeteria..scribbled in hot pink marker, I have the words “Lacy and Briana BFF” written on my hand..  I look down to admire the pair of purple jeans and keds that I am wearing but I’m distracted away from my super cool “look”  by the sound of kids screaming, “just say no”, that is echoing down the hallway from an unknown classroom. How many of us passionately yelled “just say no” and meant every bit of it..in 5th grade, at least as far as I know..i dont remember too many of us drugging it up in the bathroom. To be drug and alcohol free was the cool way to be in 5th grade. Now…lets fast-forward time a couple of years to high school. Speaking from personal experience..things are the complete opposite from the happy days of recess and lunchboxes. To me, highschool was peer pressure, acting like a complete idiot, and wearing too much black eyeliner. Unfortunately, adult life isnt that different. I mean, things change..you have to grow up and accept that you’re not 16 anymore..but, just because the rhythm of life is a little different you still have to deal with many of the same struggles..only now, the bad decisions we make cause far worse complications.

Its not skipping school anymore because you drank too much last night..now, it’s not being able to provide for yourself or for your family because you lost your job for calling out too much. It’s not just a trip to the Principal’s office anymore..now, when you break the rules it’s a speeding ticket, jail, or even penalties from unpaid taxes. Just because the outcome of our mistakes may now be more detrimental doesn’t mean that there still will not be people in our lives who are constantly trying to pull us down..people looking for company to join them in their destructive habits. Like it says above..do not step foot in their path. If you are trying to quit drinking..then dont go to the bar with your friends. If you are trying to overcome an addiction to shopping..dont call up your shopping buddy for a free for all at the mall.

Sometimes in life it is critical that we step out onto a new path..onto our own path. Im not saying you should start hating all the people in your life who encourage you to make bad decisions..I’m just saying maybe you should evaluate the people who you allow to influence your life..your future. If the bad out weighs the good then maybe it is time to cut some ties. Maybe it is time to put the things that you really desire for yourself and for your family first. Putting your future and your family’s future first is not gonna be some rockin’ party..however, living a life where you hold yourself accountable for every action that you make will pay off..one day, when all the people that you left behind so many years ago are paying the price for their foolishness..the path you chose will have led you to a far better outcome..and to me and hopefully to you as well, that is what matters most.

One thought on “on proverbs 4 and rockin’ the right path

  1. (505) My dear Briana, I’ve never really talked with you about this, but I have my version of your story as well. Matter of fact, at every level of life you have to make choices about friendships. Some people just will not go with you to the next level, it doesn’t mean that you stop loving them but it does mean that a distance will develop between you. Keep climbing…I’ll do my best to keep up with you 🙂

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