a call for christians to please help me

I hope that many of you will help me out. I would like to do a post on why I serve God..a post about why I know beyond any doubt that He is real..a post that can only try to express the never-ending love that He has for us. I am asking that you please help me write it.

Throughout my life, so many things have happened that I just can’t explain..things that have made God real to me..events that i have heard His voice speaking to me through. Will you please share with me your story of when God became more than just a word to you..when God grew skin.

It can be a miracle that has happened in your life..an unexpected blessing..or just anything that has taken place during your life that has shown you that God is real..whatever it may be..i pray that you will please share it with me. With God as my witness, I promise not to disclose anything personal about you in my blog or to anyone else. I am just so incredibly hungry to hear why it is that others have come to the same conclusion that I have. If possible, please share this with your christian friends so that I may hear from many. I am not one hundred percent on what I’m going to do with all this, but I know that God will direct me to hopefully compose something that will make a difference in His kingdom.  Thankyou very much in advance..

please send your story to therefurbishedrogue@gmail.com