on when God grew skin. email response # 1

Several posts back,  I sent out a request for people to share with me the time when they stopped doubting God..the time when God became more than some all-powerful “wizard of oz” floating on a cloud..the time when God grew skin. Even many christians have questions about who God really is. Is he (or, excuse me..she, as some prefer) just some magical spirit in the sky that we will never touch or is there more to find in Him?  Who knows?..I am not going to sit here and try to explain God..I would be more successful in growing a tail than trying to put Him into words. That is why I want to hear from as many people as I can..that is why I ask you to please share with me the event that caused you never to doubt Him again. I would love to try to understand what it is that God is trying to tell us through the miracles that he blesses us with. I want to let God explain His love for us..I must have his help because attempting to do this myself is impossible. Without His help,  I will never be able to understand who God is.. because, as Anne Graham Lotz says in Just Give me Jesus, He stands in the solitude of himself. He is the God of Gods, The God of the Beginning, The God of Heights..but still, even in his sovereignty He is, Elohay Mikarov – God Who is Near.

The following is an email that someone sent to me in response to my question of.. “when did God become real to you?” I have not altered it, and these are the exact words that were sent to me:

One way that I have seen God work in my life was 23 years ago. He provided for me in an extraordinary way. I found out that I was pregnant; I had no money for maternity clothes. But I was looking through a JC Penny’s Catalog wishing that I could afford the clothes that I needed. I actually filled out an order form with all the clothes that I would need, just for the fun of it.  Two weeks later I received a large box of clothes from my cousin who lives in another state and had no idea of the clothes that I picked out. The clothes were the same as the ones that I had picked out. I didn’t tell anybody of the wish list that I had filled out. There was no way she could have known.  It was God showing me that he would provide for me and my family. He has provided and he will continue to provide for us.

With all the “official business” that God has before him..he still cares enough to supply the, what some might call expendable, needs of a pregnant woman who is asking for clothes. How could he become anymore “touchable” than this. What do you think that God is telling us through this miracle? Through his acts, I think He may want us to know that He is also – the God who places himself into our situation and views even our smallest request as something worth answering.

 And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing..And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith? – Matthew 6:28 & 30

  if you feel led to share your story with me please email me at therefurbishedrogue@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “on when God grew skin. email response # 1

  1. (470) Briana, remembering the day I first held you in my arms as a newborn babe is one of the reasons I believe in God. Anyone who thinks that life can come from nonlife (not to mention something from nothing and complex from less-complex) has greater faith than I do. I’ll settle with God, He makes it all fit.

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