sharing a dream that ive had twice

I am unsure why I feel the need to share this, but the need will not leave me. I have tried my best not to post this in fear that people might think im crazy..however, the need to post this keeps resurfacing. So, I will share. This is  a dream that I have had twice now.

I am in my church gym with many others. We all know that something terrible is about to happen.. but we are not afraid because we are prepared. We have food and water stocked up and we are all in deep prayer for the world. I go to the doors of the gym and look out into the parking lot. The parking lot is filled with far as my eye can see there are people. It looks as though they are having a party..almost like they are at a concert. Standing on a hill above all the people is a huge marionette..he is taller than the trees around him. He is dressed like an 18th century french king..he has a huge red wig and his face is elaborately painted. I open the doors to the gym and begin to scream to the people, “come inside! dont you see what’s coming? save yourselves!” I am in a panic but no one pays me any attention..its like I do not exist. The “puppet man” begins to laugh at me..his laugh sounds so evil. During his laughing fit he thrashes about and lifts up his hands.. I see that from his hands millions of wires come and are connected to the people in the parking lot. His laugh becomes deeper and more crazed and he begins to violently jerk the people around below by the wires that are connected to his hands. The sky above turns a bright white lightening..and I wake up.