a letter to those who regret abortion

i have no political motives for this post. This post is not about right or wrong. this post is about hope.

I recently had the honor of meeting a brave young woman. I will call her “Mary.” Mary is thirteen. I don’t know much about mary’s life; the things that i do know reveal a little girl who understands what loss is. Sadly, her situation is just one example of the many broken children that are suffering the consequences of the world in which they live..a world created by selfish men and woman who forgot about God.

Mary found out that she was pregnant a few months ago. She hid it from her mother for some time. When she finally told her mother, her mother told her that she could have an abortion or she would have nowhere to live. Mary begged her mother not to make her do it and to let her give the baby up for adoption. Her mother told her that adoption would be too much of a bother.

The day that i received the email from Mary explaining what had happened I fell to my knees and wept for her..i wept for the life lost. abortion extinguishes more than the life of the unborn child..what devestates me the most about abortion is that it extinguishes a part of a woman’s soul. Abortion masquerades itself as a responsible freedom but behind its ugly mask is actually bondage that has deceived millions of women who now live enslaved to guilt and regret and the never-ending question of “what if?”

There IS a hope though in abortion. The following is what I wrote to Mary..the following is what I write to any woman who has gone through the loss of abortion:

I am not upset with you..my heart is just broken by the whole situation. I am about to speak to you like you are an adult..even though you are just a girl this is a very mature situation and this is going to affect you for the rest of your life..you may let it affect you negatively or positively..yes, there is  something positive about what has happened. I have always been against abortion but after giving birth and holding what had been inside of me for so long..after looking into my sweet son’s eyes..abortion wasn’t something that I didn’t like..abortion became something that grieved me..what abortion does to an innocent life and to its mother breaks my heart. I cry for you..I am angered by your mother forcing you to terminate a part of yourself. No matter what they say about abortion and how it’s no big deal..it is a big deal. There will be a giant hole in that woman’s soul for the rest of her life..she will always be reminded of the child that never got to be. These feelings can either do your future harm or they could bring your future joy..you can not hate yourself and live in hidden regret for the rest of your life..what’s done is done. you can’t take it back. But there is hope..your baby is safe now. Your baby is in the arms of Jesus and will never again feel pain or sadness. But you are not..you are still here on this sad planet. But, you will see your child someday..you just have to make it to heaven. Let this be a turning point in your life.. Nothing that sin can offer will ever be worth more than meeting your child in heaven some day. Jesus loves you so much Mary. Don’t live in regret because of this..live in Christ for the rest of your days. Ohh if I could only make you see how beautiful your life would be if you stayed true to Jesus. I waisted ten years of my life because of sin..and it brought me nothing but pain..I can’t imagine all the wonderful things that Jesus wanted to give me, but I didn’t get them because I was blinded by my sin. One of the reasons that I came back to Jesus was because of what happened in april of 2010. I lost my baby at 12 weeks. I’ll never forget driving home from the doctor and realizing that unless I quit sinning I would never be able to meet my child. After that, there was no amount of ”fun” that was worth me not seeing my baby. Live for Jesus Mary, so one day you’ll be able to see your little girl or your precious baby boy running towards you screaming..”mommy mommy..youre finally here!”

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. – psalm 147:3

4 thoughts on “a letter to those who regret abortion

  1. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve really
    enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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