If you really want to know about vaccines – part 1

these are the things that your doctor doesn’t think you deserve to know about. This is the first list that I created for a friend of mine who is trying to research vaccines. (the same friend I mentioned in my last post called, on tinfoil hats, population control and vaccines.”



– see this PDF from the CDC http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf

– you can do this however you would like but as an example today, I am going to research ingredients by vaccine. I will do the first few ingredients of the Polio vaccine. The ingredients in the IPV are: formaldehyde.  2- phenoxyethanol , neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B, monkey kidney cells, Eagle MEM modified medium, calf serum protein.


– I google search “formaldehyde msds” (material safety data sheet) and I get this

**before you go on to the next step go down and look at neomycn..i found a better way to do this..you can always come back to these databases if you need to. ( go here and search for formaldehyde.)

– then I go to www.scorecard.com just to get some extra info..then I scroll down and near the bottom on the right hand side i click on  chemical profiles  and it brings me to here . I search for formaldehyde and i get this

– then I go to www.pubmed.com and search formaldehyde and i get this  – next I look over to the left hand side and see the tab called related searches. I click on formaldehyde toxicity. there are so many studies to read that you  could read about formaldehyde toxicity for days..a study catches my eye up in the top left corner under a tab called, titles with your search terms,  with the title,  Reproductive and developmental toxicity of formaldehyde: a systematic review, I click on it and come to this  – I read the abstract and then at the bottom I see , Free PMC article, I click on this so I can read the full text and I come to this

– I could continue reading for hours if I wanted to.. (and just a side note..I have done just what is listed above and I did end up reading for hours..)


– I google for the msds and I get this 

– the search on http://www.scorecard gives me some problems so I copy and paste the cas# from the msds ( 122-99-6) this search brings me to here

– I entered 2-phenoxyethanol toxicity on pubmed search and got this .I kept on seeing the term Ethylene glycol monophenyl ether in the titles. I looked this word up and it is the same thing as phenoxyethanol and you read my blog to see where all that went. (im talking about the blog I linked above, on tinfoil hats, vaccines and population control) ok 24 hours later I…


google neomycin msds you get this

now that I found that new database during my educational safari last night.. I have cut down on some steps..so life is easy for me. I would still look up the msds for everything too. This database has everything all in one place.. you can find out just about everything in the table of contents on the left hand side.

– go here  and i search for neomycin. on left hand side there will be a table of contents..you can find everything almost. there are medical and scientific studies, reports of toxicology and so on. if this database doesnt have one of the chemicals you can go through scorecard.com again and make sure that you stay on the HSDB database and not to click on one of the other databases. This might sound confusing but you’ll see what im talking about..just use the link above.

so you get the gist of things..to really understand vaccines you need to do this for every single ingredient that could potentially be in a vaccine given to one of your kids. Now that ive found that database..it’s on man..im going to go back through them all again. whats-in-a-vaccine

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