if you really want to know about vaccines part 2

step 2 – vaccine package inserts

this is also time consuming..but why not read the full report about the vaccine from the vaccine manufacturer before letting your child receive it?

I go to the FDA website and find my way to this page.. http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/ucm093830.htm

I go to the first vaccine that I recognize as a pediatric vaccine (I skip the diphtheria and tetanus toxoids adsorbed because it is unlikely that my kid will get this because there is not pertussis included) so I go to the next one that I recognize and i get here.. http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/ucm094013.htm

there are three different brands of DTaP and you never know which one that the ped will have in stock so I will read all three of them. The first one is the Tripedia so I click on it and get to here.. http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/ucm094013.htm

a few steps that I do once I get on this page are:

1. I CLICK ON VACCINE PACKAGE INSERT and i come to here.. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM101580.pdf 

a few things that I notice while reading through this are:

– I read how the vaccine is made using cow protein and such.. mixing foreign proteins into our body cant be good.. look up research on bovine protein and type one diabetes (thats for another time though.. just in case here is one link for later.. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejm199207303270502 )

– I read how there is thimerosal, aluminum, formaldahyde, and polysorbate 80 (also called tween 80) if you already did completed step one then you know all about these things. thimerosal neurotoxin and developmental toxin..aluminum being a developmental toxin..formaldehyde causing cancer and fertility problems, and polysorbate 80 negatively impacting female fertility. Also something you may have not come across while researching yet is the finding of Dr. Russell Blaylock..he found that when you mix aluminum and mercury together, even in small amounts, that the combination makes the toxicity of the metals increase in the human body. see this paper to find out more.. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents/Aluminum-Blaylock.pdf 

– Next I see the contradictions (i skipped the efficacy trials part for now..we will get back to this later) i notice that some contradictions ( contradictions are the situations that make some people not able to receive the vaccine)

a. Encephalopathy (eg, coma, decreased level of consciousness, prolonged seizures) within 7 days of administration of a previous dose of pertussis containing vaccine that is not attributable to another cause

b. Progressive neurologic disorder, including infantile spasms, uncontrolled epilepsy, or progressive encephalopathy. Pertussis vaccine should not be administered to individuals with such conditions. **my question here is, what about the first dose that my baby is supposed to receive at 2 months? How am supposed to know if my child will have a reaction like this if they have never had a previous shot? (why wont they make vaccines safer!!!?? but thats another story..)

– I read through the warnings and all that which is important..but something that really jumps out at me is the statement,

 ” Tripedia vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.”

how can they recommend that every child have 5 doses of this vaccine before the age the 6 and NOT do these tests? Especially saying that the majority of the ingredients in the vaccine have been shown to impair fertility and play a role in cancer…i would be scared too if my money depended on these things. I wouldnt do the tests either. How the FDA can approve vaccines that are injected into newborns, infants, children, and adults that have not had these tests done blows my mind! babies and children are still growing and developing..how can these tests not be done? You will find that statement written on the vaccine package insert for every vaccine recommended on the pediatric schedule. (on most inserts its around section 13 that you can find this info)

– next I move on to Adverse Reactions. a few things I notice.

a. the safety trials were conducted by the company who makes the vaccine and the NIH. Both groups gain financially from vaccines. Why are they conducting the safety studies? Especially given the fact that pharmaceutical companies cannot be held liable for injuries caused by vaccines. Vaccine safety doesnt mess with the money flowing into their pockets..so how careful and transparent will they be?

b. only 1000 children were monitored for adverse events through a fourth dose. Only 580 children were monitored through a fifth dose.

c. in another safety study 673 infants were used. 505 of them received the Tridepia DTaP vaccine. 167 infants received the DTP whole cell pertussis vaccine. Why are they using another vaccine ( a vaccine that was discontinued in the US because it is so unsafe) as the placebo? A placebo is supposed to be saline water or another harmless substance..what are they scared of? I also find it funny how the tests done to show efficacy of the vaccine (how well it works) included infants who received no vaccine..but the safety studies did not. You will find this same pattern for almost every vaccine recommended.

– I could write a book about the things on this insert but you are smart..you can see for yourself. I see that out of 14,971 infants (and also..you will find this out once we move on to the next step but only HEALTHY infants are allowed to participate in these studies..ive read figures as high as 60% of the babies born in the country would not be eligible to participate in these safety studies..they only allow healthy babies to participate but then they recommend the vaccine to all babies…what?) ok..i read that out of 14,971 infants who received the Tripedia vaccine 13 of them died. 7 out of the 13 deaths were SIDS. (research for another time but read up on SIDS and vaccines..it will blow your mind..)

– i read this, ” Adverse events reported during post approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphlactic reation, celulitis, autism, convulsion, encephalopathy, neuropathy..events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.” …but go figure they dont give us any details about the amount of reports. Keep in mind that former FDA Commissioner David Kessler wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association that “only about 1% of serious adverse events are reported to the FDA.”  see http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=406452 see this article too for additional reading.. http://therefusers.com/refusers-newsroom/6-times-more-measles-vaccine-adverse-reaction-reports-than-measles-cases-in-2011/

Do this for all the vaccines. having fun yet? 🙂

**this video is awesome for getting a grasp on how the safety studies are done for vaccines. I would watch this before we move to the next step. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG2bfrrgvU4

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