on being spat upon and unethical children

From Dr. Bob Sear’s facebook page (see bottom for link):

“Institute of Medicine Concludes Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Research Not Needed: The Vaccine Schedule is Safe As Is.
The IOM released a report today regarding the safety of the American vaccination schedule. Their conclusion? No new methods of safety research need to be undertaken. The current safety surveillance systems that we have in place are adequate, although they could be improved upon. Undertaking a large study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children is neither ethical nor necessary. The vaccine schedule is safe as it is.”


**They could end this whole debate so easily. But they won’t do it. The IOM and the CDC says that to leave kids unvaccinated is “unethical”..and this is the crutch that they lean on, even though millions of parents are so unsure about giving their kids vaccines. Im sure that I am not the only parent that has cried on the way to their babies checkup out of nothing but fear. They may say that since my son has not had a shot since he was 8 weeks old that he is unethical..he is actually quite healthy (praise the Lord) how dare these fools (yes, fools) call my child unethical when they inject 4 million children every year with a vaccine schedule that has grown from 10 to nearly 40 shots, contains known neurotoxins, carcinogens, and poisons that decrease fertility..and this “healthy” schedule HAS NEVER BEEN SUBJECTED TO A PLACEBO CONTROLED SAFETY STUDY! and they wanna call us unethical?! Just like in the bible..we are living in a time when right is wrong and wrong is right! What they are doing to the families and to the future of the world IS WRONG.

There has never been a study conducted that shows the effects that the current vaccine schedule has on a developing body and mind, so the risks of vaccinating my children are unknown. the risks of the sicknesses that vaccines claim to prevent are well known..so i am more comfortable taking the risks that i know. no matter how i look at it, i cannot justify my child being used as a guinea pig. Parents should be outraged! The tone in this country over vaccinations has changed..you cant hide from the glaring truth.. people are down right scared of these things.. our children are suffering..and they simply turn a blind eye to our plight and give us no new research..just a simple, “trust me..vaccines are safe.” Are you kidding me! if vaccines were safe and if the information we were given about them was true..I wouldnt be here writing this..you wouldnt be reading this! Give us truth..that’s all we are asking for.

Give us what we need to be confident in the vaccine schedule! Get two groups of children..one group that is fully vaccinated according to the cdc schedule and the other group not vaccinated at all..and compare the two groups. Have the study conducted by people who will not profit in any way regardless of the results..and publish them. We deserve it! Our children deserve it!

Dr. Sears goes on to say:

 ”A few years ago we all got excited when the Centers for Disease Control announced they were looking into doing more extensive vaccine safety research. Essentially, they were going to research whether or not they should and could do such research. The CDC assigned this task to the Institute of Medicine, a panel of medical experts from various medical and research backgrounds, and this report is the product of this investigation.
Here are my thoughts/disappointments/criticisms of the IOM report:
1. The IOM did not do any NEW research in this report. They did nothing new to examine and conclude that the current vaccine schedule is safe, or that it is safer than an alternative one. What they simply did was examine current available research and determine that there is no evidence that the current schedule is unsafe. There is no NEW information or research findings here.

2. The IOM admits on page 3 of their summary press release that a study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children is “the strongest study design type”. Basically, such a study would give us the most useful information.

3. The IOM and the CDC continue to hide behind the claim that to do a comparative study of unvaccinated versus vaccinated children would be unethical. But as long as they neglect to do this research, many parents will continue to decline vaccines over the concern about lack of safety research.

4. The IOM states that one challenge of an unvaccinated study is that there is an inadequate number of study subjects, as less than 1% of children are completely unvaccinated. I don’t agree with this statistic. It’s more like 5%, and could even be 10%. One brand new international study ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22943300) revealed that 10% of households surveyed had children who were completely unvaccinated. 10%!!! And it was the more educated and wealthier families that were more likely to be unvaccinated. The IOM’s claim that there aren’t enough unvaccinated children to study simply isn’t true. With over 4 million babies being born in the U.S. every year, they would have their pick of about 400,000 unvaccinated children to study each year.

The end result of this IOM report is that nothing has changed. Worried parents don’t have any new research or information to consider. The CDC has declared loud and clear that they won’t begin any new research on vaccine safety, especially involving a comparative unvaccinated control group. The debate over vaccine safety will continue on. “

The IOM report can be downloaded from this link: http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2013/The-Childhood-Immunization-Schedule-and-Safety.aspx

link to Dr. Bob Sears Facebook page..he is awesome and gives balanced information that can be trusted: http://www.facebook.com/ProudChristianParentsOfUnvaccinatedChildren?ref=hl#!/pages/Dr-Bob-Sears/116317855073374?fref=ts

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