Pediatricians Receive Regular Requests for Alternative Child Immunization Schedules..really!!?

Today I am writing in response to the study published in Pediatrics (the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) called,  “Washington Pediatricians Receive Regular Requests for Alternative Child Immunization Schedules”
This article clearly states that this study is the first of its kind. I cannot believe that the AAP hasn’t looked at this before. Especially given whats going on currently with how parents view vaccination.. this article states,
 “Currently, however, parental acceptance of childhood immunizations is waning. There was a  17- percentage point increase in the proportion of parents who refused or delayed immunizations for their children in 2008, compared with 2003 (39% vs 22%)”
 So at least they know what’s going on. But why did they not look into what the peds think about this a long time ago..a study like this gives a realistic glimpse into such a cloudy “issue.” Still though..after they finally decided to conduct this needed research, only 209 peds ended up we still don’t have a lot to look at here. But from what we do have to look doesnt look half bad.
“More than three-fourths of Washington State pediatricians reported that parents regularly requested ACISs, [alternative child immunization schedules] and more than one-half of the pediatricians surveyed were comfortable using ACISs if requested by parents.”
What do the charts below (results from study) say for the hep b vaccine and the chickenpox vaccine? It shows exactly what these vaccines are… junk.