how nice to hear from a physician who believes in the vaccination schedule but still respects the fact that some parents are not comfortable with a one-sized-fits-all program. Mandatory vaccination represents a limitation on human rights. Any limitation of fundamental rights, such as the rights to liberty and security of person, is serious, regardless of the supposed public good involved. At the end of the day, vaccines are still “unavoidably unsafe” (see the 1986 National childhood vaccine injury act) and it is an undisputed, scientific fact that vaccines in their current state of development injure and cause death to certain people. The decision of when and whether we vaccinate ourselves and our children is a fundamental human right and I applaud this brave physician for speaking the truth and standing up for the parents in this country who have decided to go against the flow because it is what works best for their children.


Anyone involved in the healthcare of children knows there is a growing number of parents who are selectively immunizing or not immunizing their children at all.  The medical establishment is becoming quite alarmed about this trend and becoming rather unpleasant towards parents who are questioning the benefits of immunizations.

It has become an increasingly frequent experience for parents, who have concerns about the safety of vaccines, to have very negative encounters when interacting with the medical system.  These interactions range from being treated as ignorant weirdos who need to be properly educated, to the outright refusal of care.  We are, sadly, now at the point where a majority of pediatric practices refuse to care for children who are not immunized according to the official recommendations.  Here is a typical vaccine policy from a pediatric practice (

My practice has the philosophy that parents, not the medical establishment, should…

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on laundry room prayers and scribbling in the sand

I worry about how my performance as a mother is a lot. I don’t worry about my ability to meet their physical needs..I worry about whether or not i am doing a good job raising children who will love the Lord. Am I training my children up right? Will my children love the Lord when they are older? things like that. Raising children in this day and age is scary. ( i believe we are very close to the end times..but thats another topic) The devil is in full force trying to destroy as many lives while he still can. Christian parents have a lot more to fight against now with all the bad stuff on tv, the internet, magazines, things they are taught at most schools..basicly everything around us can be a distraction away from the Lord.

the only thing that has helped me come to peace and to not worry so much is prayer. Im talking prayer prayer. like goin’ in the laundry room and shutin’ the door for a while prayer. haha. i really do go to my laundry room to pray. Growing up, I used to hear the old people at church talking about praying in their prayer closet (hopefully im not the only one who has heard this before..i am from the south after all ). this was so weird sounding to me until recently. Now with kids and pets and all the hustle and bustle of life..its hard to get away and just be with the Lord. Ive always prayed..but since i have started going to my laundry room and shutting the world out for a while, my love for Lord has really deepened..and my fears and doubts about being a parent have lessened. I guess my laundry room prayers have made me more sensitive to the holy spirit’s presence in my life..i don’t know..i hope you get what im saying.

but i would say that the most important thing that we can do as parents is plead the blood of Jesus over our children’s lives. We need to get on our knees daily for our sons and daughters and claim the promises of God for their lives. We need to remind Satan that he has no place in our homes and that our children have been dedicated to the Lord – they are covered by the blood of Jesus – and he may not touch them. I call on every one of you (including myself) to draw a line in the sand and for us to take back our families and our marriages in the name of Jesus.

“ the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth.” Philippians 2: 10


kneeling for guidance