my response to a friend who fears vaccination and is unsure what to do.

A friend of mine posted this on my facebook wall tonight.  There is only one reason why I am sharing our conversation. I want to share our conversation because there are many other parents out there who feel the same as my friend. If this is you, and you have stumbled upon this blog for one reason or another.. this is my humble response to you. (forgive any spelling errors..i am copy and pasting this from facebook and its 2 am..this girl is tired 🙂

my friend’s concerns:

Oh help. I am so conflicted. I just got a letter from my Dr listing all the vaccines we have missed. There are 8 vaccines with multiple doses. My head might explode. I don’t want to take her in :/

The best response that I could offer her via a facebook comment box at 2 am :):

so don’t take her in. Is she sick? if she is sick and nutrition, rest and other natural healing methods aren’t making her better then, yes..definitely take her to the doctor. but why take a healthy child to a place where sick people go, if you are not going to the doctor with the intention of getting your childs shots..and since you are still so unsure..ill say what ive been saying to you for a while now 🙂 what ever your decision is..just be confident in your choice don’t do anything until you are at peace with it. now I understand that this is how I make sense of things..i am not might see things differently, so from this point on just keep in mind that I am not trying to tell you what to do..i am just telling you what I would do. let me get back to the point here..if you are wanting to take Valerie in for checkups for progress reports and such..then either find a pedi who respects the fact that you need more time, or find a GP to take your kids to. Lots of people on my page do not even have pediatricians. they just take their kids to a family doctor..and from what ive doctors are much more willing to work with parents when it comes to vaccinations.

Vvaccines are not the bread and butter of family doctors..pediatricians, on the other hand, base much of their practice around vaccinations so of course its gonna be a bit tougher to find one that respects your parental rights and your ablilty to raise your children as you see fit. As long as a parent researches and is confident in what they decide to do..i say right on. If you dig in and from your digging decide that vaccinations are the road you want to go down..then right on to you..i wish more parents would do this before blindly following the untested 49 dose before the age of 6 cdc schedule..because once you research this stuff it will benefit your family. even if you decide to vaccinate, there are safer ways to vaccinate..there are things a parent can do to minimize risks, just as there are things that parents who do not vaccinate can do to minimize risks.

I would bet that more parents who do not vaccinate are aware of the things they can do to minimize risks..once you  come to the point of making such an important decision….a decision that goes against the “accepted norm,” you have ran yourself into the ground researching every last piece of information that you can start off questioning your thoughts and wondering why you are even taking the time to research this, but then the more you learn, the more you find yourself displeased with the science that is telling you give your baby 8 vaccines in one start to immedietly look at the conflicts of interest disclosures before even reading the article. The sad thing about this all – is that its nearly impossible to find any study that is enthusiastically in support of vaccination that does not have an author that is financially tied to a pharmaceutical company or is not conducted by or funded by an organization that stands to benefit both financially and politically from vaccinations. Studies like these are the ones telling parents that the benefits of the chickenpox vaccine outweigh the risks of actually contracting  chickenpox..or these are the studies that tell a parent its ok to give their children 8 vaccines in one day..ohh wait, my bad dude..i almost forgot..the cdc nor any other government agency has ever taken the time to study the health outcomes of the vaccination schedule. they have never openly considered the cumulative effect that all these multiple immune system activations and toxic ingredients have on a developing infant or child. They have never studied the vaccination schedule  as it is administered. Instead, they publish articles with little integrety and participate, with the help of the biased media, in making sure that everyone knows that people who question vaccines are crazy and have nothing creditable to back up why they are afraid to have their child vaccinated.  Parents are being kept blind to the truth..the truth is that it IS ok to research a potentially life or death medical procedure before consenting to it for your child. It IS ok to ask questions before consenting to the injection of multiple viruses, foreign dna, neurotoxins, and things that have not been proven as safe to be injected into your own child..your own flesh and blood..if you didn’t ask questions before hand, that is what seems more odd to me than a parent asking about the safety of this ballooning, out of control vaccination schedule.

Just an sure that this past month you have heard in the news how the UK is experiencing a measles epidemic and how it is an urgent matter that parents have their children vaccinated with the very safe and effective MMR vaccine so that they will be protected from a life threatening disease. That is the only side presented by the media. Not a word is mentioned about how maybe the measles isn’t such a deadly threat. This  article was written by a doctor and it explains it far better than I can and it is well referenced.

According to the CDC, prior to the introduction of the vaccine, measles was a nearly universal infection occurring most commonly in 5-9 year olds with 90% of U.S. children immune by age 15.  Most kids recovered fully within a few weeks with life-long immunity. Reported complications from data collected between 1985-1992 included pneumonia (6%), encephalitis (.1%), seizures (.6-.7%), and death (.2%). These occurred most frequently in children under 5 and adults over 20. These complications may, in fact, have been exacerbated by allopathic interventions to treat common symptoms such as fever reduction using antipyretics.[15,16]

CDC data appears to indicate that the live-virus vaccine has been very effective at decreasing classic measles incidence in our population, however, it can take little credit for the decreased mortality in the developed world considering the death rate had decreased over 98% prior to the vaccine.[18] Never the less, vaccine advocates hail this as a victory.  The problem is that few of them question whether it was wise to prevent children from acquiring this infection naturally.  Many well-respected doctors and researchers believe that measles is a right of passage that allows a child’s immune systems to develop and strengthen. It has been documented that kids in 3rd world countries who get a wild measles infection are less susceptible to malaria and parasitic infections.[3]  Medical literature from the 1940’s documents children being cured of a kidney disorder known as nephrotic syndrome following measles.[4]

The number of classic measles cases in the US appears to have declined but any protection afforded by the vaccine is limited and often short-lived.[5]  Natural infection with wild measles creates long-lasting viral-specific and viral-neutralizing antibodies that are not acquired following vaccine-introduced infection. There are numerous documented cases of measles occurring in highly vaccinated communities [6-8, 17] which can be attributed primarily to short-term efficacy (secondary vaccine failure).  This has important implications considering the fact that measles has an increased rate of complications in adults when compared to school age children.  In 1973, persons 20 years of age or older accounted for approximately 3% of cases, however, by 2001 that number had increased to 48%.[1]

Not only are measles complications more frequent and severe in adults, but infection during pregnancy increases the risk of spontaneous abortion, premature labor and low-birth weight infants.[1]  Additionally, vaccination appears to have increased infants susceptibility to measles.

“Infants whose mothers were born after 1963 had a measles attack rate of 33% compared with 12% for infants of older mothers.”[10]

Women of childbearing age, who in the pre-vaccine era acquired measles naturally in childhood, no longer have the robust, life-long viral-specific and viral-neutralizing immune factors to pass to their infants through the placenta and breast milk.  Injecting a measles virus produces antibodies in the serum but not in the mucosa.  Natural measles infection creates mucosal antibodies that are produced in the mammary gland providing passive immunity to the infant during breast-feeding as well as higher levels of vaccine-specific antibodies in the serum.

Measles in infancy is a risk factor for a fatal degenerative central nervous system condition known as Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE).[5]  Could we be setting the stage for disaster if and when measles reignites here in the U.S. due to either imported cases from abroad or a novel mutated strain caused by the vaccine itself?  I can predict, with absolute certainty, the response from our government health officials…more vaccines!

What about the possibility of vaccine-induced disorders not typically associated with a measles infection?  Wild measles exposure occurs through contact with the human respiratory tract. The measles vaccine introduces a lab altered, live-virus through an unnatural route of exposure.  This weakened, man-made virus can bury deep into the tissues and create a slow infection in practically any area of the body including the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract and central nervous system (CNS). The consequences of these vaccine-induced infections may not show up for months, years or decades later.

A vaccine induced form of SSPE known as Measles Inclusion-Body Encephalitis (MIBE) has been documented in children months to years following measles vaccination.[10]  Could the rapid rise in chronic inflammatory bowel and neurological disorders be caused by these slow infections? How many doctors would ever think to investigate the possibility that these illnesses may be with a distant vaccination?  To further complicate the issue, in a phenomenon known as recombination, the measles virus can combine with other live viruses in the vaccine to create a novel virus with unknown effects.[5]

The fear surrounding measles stems from ignorance.  In a well-nourished child with a properly functioning immune system, viral infections are typically subclinical or exceedingly mild.  Certain infections, such as measles, even appear to provide long-term health and immune system benefits.  Malnourishment, in particular vitamin A deficiency, is a primary cause of poor outcomes.[1] One of the most effective ways to ensure that a viral illness runs a mild or benign course is to provide children with adequate stores of vitamin A prior to exposure.

As well, high doses of vitamin A given during an acute measles infection has been shown to prevent mortality.[12]  Vitamin A works by signaling cell-mediated immune cells known as macrophages to produce an anti-viral messenger known as interferon.[13]  Young infants are unable to produce high levels of interferon [14] and, therefore, rely on passive immunity from mom for protection. It should be noted that measles vaccination has been shown to deplete levels of serum vitamin A.[2]

Many fruits and vegetables provide beta-carotene which is converted by the liver into active vitamin A (retinoids), however, the efficiency of uptake and conversion can vary based on a variety of factors.  Particularly during illness, I prefer pre-formed vitamin A from high quality, whole-food sources like cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil.

The studies that built the above article are never mentioned..unless parents have the desire to search for it, they will never hear the other side. Ohh yeah..i almost forgot about this. All the reporters who covered the UK measles deadly outbreak have remained pretty silent this week..even though reports where released that show a misdiagnosis rate of 3700% in these UK ‘measles’ cases. Something like 5 cases out of 400 something reported cases actually turned out to be clinically diagnosed as the measles. (to see a report about this see here) But we didn’t hear one thing about that. All we heard about is  how measles is deadly, its  spreading, unvaccinated kids pose a threat to society and how we must get the mmr to be safe. That’s all people will remember becase that’s all people are told about. I didn’t hear one person mention the importance of vitamin A… but anyways..ive said all this just to let you know that you are not crazy for being worried about vaccinations. Listen to what your gut is telling you.

The most important thing is to PRAY ABOUT IT. I honestly believe that God opens the eyes of some people out of love and mercy to prevent them from a negative outcome.  Really pray about it..I did, and I can honestly say that I have never heard the voice of God so loudly and distinctively as I did when praying for guidance regarding vaccinations. And if you do get Valerie caught up on her shots..dear not allow her to receive 8 vaccines at one visit. Ive obviously written a book already so I wont go into this..but just take my word for it..there is so much evidence out there that shows this is a terribly dangerous and very foolish thing to do to a child.  And why don’t you like my page already!! You don’t have to be all out anti vaccine to be apart of it.. all are welcome. Me and the other two admins post scientifically sound things for parents to educate themselves with..i am going to repost your question on my page so that you can get some other opinions. Ohh and here is a list I just put is over a years worth of digging.

God did not create us with a vaccine deficiency ..he created us with strong immune systems that- if nourished well and if treated in the manor that God intended – have amazing abilities to protect, heal and to strengthen our bodies.  Gods got his hand on my children no matter what..good or trusting in him.