on holding an eternal soul : bumps in the road

“Anticipating the child’s development, and knowing that evil will come to be a part of his moral nature, places an urgent sense of responsibility upon parents. The world is an undertow pulling children to destruction. Looking at statistics alone, the probability is against their moral survival. The training parents give and the wisdom they impart can make all the difference in the outcome. You hold an eternal soul in your hands. You cannot afford to give in to indifference, laziness, or careless neglect. It is your responsibility to determine what level of understanding your child possesses and to hold him accountable at that level.. Everything a child experiences, either by way of indulgence or the self-restraint you impose, is preparing him for the day when he will mature into a responsible, moral soul. Somewhere on that road of development, each child will graduate into complete accountability. The child will then stand alone before God, “without excuse.” – from “To Train Up A Child” by, Michael and Debi Pearl

**I am feeling guilty this morning because I have failed my children by my lack of proper training. The weight of my children’s morality and of my responsibility over their souls have been constant realities that I’ve been concerned over since God placed them into my hands..and I really have tried to accept this daunting task with a conscience effort to do what is right in the eyes of God. However, seeing the baby man “fit pitching” thrown by my son recently and seeing the way that Trinitee’s whining hurts her by sending her into a rarely satisfied state of emotional limbo..I am quickly, and with much regret and desire to change, realizing that I have not done enough and that, by giving in and allowing them to constantly win, I have failed Trinitee and Rory. This is a good book thus far..at first it was a bit unsettling and I still do not agree with 100% of its content, but now that I’ve moved past my feelings of regret..I am going to start, with much love and prayer, implementing the principles from this book in my household.