Have you heard?! Our God is GREAT!

This morning my kids and I had to take my husband to work. It was a big change of routine and im glad..everyone needs a breath of change every once in while. As we were driving back home, the song by Chris Tomlin, How Great is our God, came on the radio..I turned it up and my kids and I praised God all the way home. Looking in my rear view mirror and seeing my 6 year old daughter lifting her little hands and singing this to her God is a moment that I will never ever forget. This is a song that we need to play everyday to our children. They will learn the chorus quickly. With all the hatred now days and the need to be “politically correct’- I shudder to think what would happen to my children if I didn’t share the love of Jesus with them. I shudder to think of the outcome – if every day I did not stand in for my children.. stand in for them garnishing the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith while fighting in the war that satan is waging against their soul. We live in a society that says its ok to talk about any god but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob..The God who lowered himself to man by sending his own son – Jesus Christ – to die and be resurrected for the sins of the world..The one and only true God who stands alone above all others clothed in glorious righteousness..our soon coming King! I want to ingrain into my children that their GOD IS GREAT!!

I challenge everyone to put down everything else for the next 4 minutes..no matter what you are in the midst of doing..listen to this song. Give the next four minutes to God.


on holding an eternal soul : bumps in the road

“Anticipating the child’s development, and knowing that evil will come to be a part of his moral nature, places an urgent sense of responsibility upon parents. The world is an undertow pulling children to destruction. Looking at statistics alone, the probability is against their moral survival. The training parents give and the wisdom they impart can make all the difference in the outcome. You hold an eternal soul in your hands. You cannot afford to give in to indifference, laziness, or careless neglect. It is your responsibility to determine what level of understanding your child possesses and to hold him accountable at that level.. Everything a child experiences, either by way of indulgence or the self-restraint you impose, is preparing him for the day when he will mature into a responsible, moral soul. Somewhere on that road of development, each child will graduate into complete accountability. The child will then stand alone before God, “without excuse.” – from “To Train Up A Child” by, Michael and Debi Pearl

**I am feeling guilty this morning because I have failed my children by my lack of proper training. The weight of my children’s morality and of my responsibility over their souls have been constant realities that I’ve been concerned over since God placed them into my hands..and I really have tried to accept this daunting task with a conscience effort to do what is right in the eyes of God. However, seeing the baby man “fit pitching” thrown by my son recently and seeing the way that Trinitee’s whining hurts her by sending her into a rarely satisfied state of emotional limbo..I am quickly, and with much regret and desire to change, realizing that I have not done enough and that, by giving in and allowing them to constantly win, I have failed Trinitee and Rory. This is a good book thus far..at first it was a bit unsettling and I still do not agree with 100% of its content, but now that I’ve moved past my feelings of regret..I am going to start, with much love and prayer, implementing the principles from this book in my household.

on laundry room prayers and scribbling in the sand

I worry about how my performance as a mother is a lot. I don’t worry about my ability to meet their physical needs..I worry about whether or not i am doing a good job raising children who will love the Lord. Am I training my children up right? Will my children love the Lord when they are older? things like that. Raising children in this day and age is scary. ( i believe we are very close to the end times..but thats another topic) The devil is in full force trying to destroy as many lives while he still can. Christian parents have a lot more to fight against now with all the bad stuff on tv, the internet, magazines, things they are taught at most schools..basicly everything around us can be a distraction away from the Lord.

the only thing that has helped me come to peace and to not worry so much is prayer. Im talking prayer prayer. like goin’ in the laundry room and shutin’ the door for a while prayer. haha. i really do go to my laundry room to pray. Growing up, I used to hear the old people at church talking about praying in their prayer closet (hopefully im not the only one who has heard this before..i am from the south after all ). this was so weird sounding to me until recently. Now with kids and pets and all the hustle and bustle of life..its hard to get away and just be with the Lord. Ive always prayed..but since i have started going to my laundry room and shutting the world out for a while, my love for Lord has really deepened..and my fears and doubts about being a parent have lessened. I guess my laundry room prayers have made me more sensitive to the holy spirit’s presence in my life..i don’t know..i hope you get what im saying.

but i would say that the most important thing that we can do as parents is plead the blood of Jesus over our children’s lives. We need to get on our knees daily for our sons and daughters and claim the promises of God for their lives. We need to remind Satan that he has no place in our homes and that our children have been dedicated to the Lord – they are covered by the blood of Jesus – and he may not touch them. I call on every one of you (including myself) to draw a line in the sand and for us to take back our families and our marriages in the name of Jesus.

“..at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth.” Philippians 2: 10


kneeling for guidance