I am still but a child at heart. Oh..how the years have passed, but still the same mind..the same soul pushes this pencil (or better said..these keys) It is a mystery that holds no answer – a mystery that has turned my mind only recently. Time will not stop. Gravity and its relentless downfall will never cease. It is only now that I have realized how far time can take the soul. It is so odd to me how adult life, or at least striving for the stability of what living responsibly gives, is all about running from our past..wearing ourselves weary in an uphill attempt to escape from who we were during our youth. Truly, running from the naive notions and  the pure simplicity that occupied our minds during childhood is not the answer waiting behind that unattainable, mystical veil of truth that we all search for.  After so many rotations on this spinning madness have I finally came home. I am but a child. My dreams – the prayers of my innocence – are being answered. From out of the swirling chaos of fleeing from myself have I landed upon green, solid earth.

I am Briana. 26 times have I witnessed the beginning of a new year..and only now has my year – my cycle – my circle of existence seen the bright lights of dawn..a renaissance of the soul only achieved by the release of ones own selfish agenda and the acceptance of the selfless, grace filled mission of Jesus Christ.

Before I go any further I must make a few things clear..first off, I am not a bible scholar. I am speaking from my heart..from my own personal experiences. I pray that the things I write are pleasing to the Lord and that they match the direction that He would like me to follow..be it so, I’m sure that some of my lowly mortal ideas are not one hundred percent on target. Please do not hold any of my opinions as being undeniable truth unless, of course, it be a direct quote from the bible or a statement obviously made with biblical truth to back it..for example- ”Jesus loves you.” How I interpret things may be completely different from how you see it..but now, that is why I started a blog..so that I can say what I feel like saying. The second thing, which I’m sure my writing thus far has already proved..I am not an english major,if I was id probably be failing terribly. My grammar is ”briana grammar” and if you know me..then you know nothing about me is proper…ever.

If you have any questions for me or comments that you would like to make to me directly you can email me at therefurbishedrogue@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About

  1. May this new “journey” you are traveling upon bring you deeper into understanding the ways of the Lord and His word, Briana. May the Holy Spirit work in you to bring you into the awareness of who Jesus Christ really is and the purpose He has for your life. The Holy Spirit will glorify Jesus Christ, and He will conform you into His image. I love you. MaMa

  2. My dear daughter – you have made my day. Please make it every day by “thinking with your pen”. I’ve always told you that God has gifted you with the ability to write – now is the time. Love, dad

  3. Great heart and soul filled writing dear daughter! I have signed up to recieve your blog via email and I look forward to future posts. With pride and love…

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